What do you do at HOP?

Managing the branch, valuations, listings and generally making sure we are the best in town!

What did you do before joining HOP?

I have had several positions in the property industry in the UK and New Zealand over the years. And I have seen some things you wouldn’t believe!

What’s the best bit about working for HOP?

HOP is a company I am proud to work for. Having worked for national estate agents, I can honestly say that the service you will receive from us is miles ahead of what you will receive from a large corporate. And we’re a damn-sight more affordable too!

What are your hobbies?

I’m interested in travel and the world in general. Plus, I bloody love property!

An interesting fact about you?

I used to own a Fish and Chip Shop.

What is your dream home?

Something with a paddock suitable to keep a few alpacas.

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