The HOP Property Photo Guide

Get your property photo ready
With our top tips and hints

It’s important to ensure your property is shown off in its best light on the listing to attract potential buyers. We’ve put together a checklist of the key areas you may wish to consider in preparation for your photography appointment.

  1. Outdoor Areas

    • Remove Skips
    • Remove rubbish & tuck wheelie bins out of sight
    • Remove estate agent boards
    • Remove cars
    • Mow lawn
    • Clean any outdoor furniture
    • Remove any general clutter
  2. General

    • Remove rugs (Removing rugs and other similar items can help enhance the sense of space in a room)
    • Remove Floor Mats
    • Remove all rubbish bins
    • Remove family pictures you don’t want to be visible online
    • Remove animal bedding
    • Remove animal food bowls & toys
  3. Bathroom

    • Turn on lights/lamps
    • Remove wash baskets/bins
    • Hang fresh towels
    • Put toilet seat down and remove bleach bottles etc from around your W.C.
    • Pull back shower curtain
    • Remove all soaps and toiletries
  4. Kitchen

    • Turn on lights/lamps
    • Clear sink
    • Clear surfaces (including unnecessary appliances)
    • Clear fridge of magnets etc
    • Add splash of colour with flowers/fruit bowl
    • Set table (white plates for optimum results)
    • Clear fridge of magnets & artwork
  5. Family Rooms

    • Turn on lights/lamps
    • Open any curtains/blinds
    • Clear clutter
    • Clear TV remotes/other items on coffee tables
    • Arrange on coffee table books if applicable
    • Arrange any cushions neatly.
    • Remove unnecessary items such as fans, bean bags etc.
  6. Bedrooms

    • Turn on lights/lamps
    • Open any curtains/blinds
    • Clear clutter/toys
    • Remove any clutter from under the beds
    • Make beds