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student accommodation in headingley

A University town

Headingley is well known as a University town, and no wonder. Between the University of Leeds to the southeast and Leeds Beckett University (Headingley Campus) to the northwest 60,000+ students descend on the area every year. A large percentage of those students seek off-campus housing. This can lead to a good deal of confusion and missed opportunities for those who try and navigate the local housing market on their own. A better idea is to put the professionals at HOP to work for you. We maintain, and are constantly updating, an extensive list of student accommodation options and can fix you up with the ideal flat, house or rental room in no time.

student accommodation headingley

Helping you find the perfect student accommodation in Headingley

Headingley is situated between two of the largest universities in the north. It has a laid-back, easy-going way about it that belies the lively banter you’ll hear in the local Indian and Mediterranean restaurants. Much of the housing stock was developed with student residents in mind, but there is such a diverse selection available finding just the right one can be difficult. People who go it alone often wind up paying too much for accommodation. Or they end up in a place that is not a good match, simply because they ran out of energy to continue searching. Instead of pulling your hair out trying to find the perfect student accommodation in Headingley on your own, trust the professionals at HOP to place you quickly and comfortably.

The HOP 9-Step Process

Our 9-step process has been developed through long experience and has an admirable record of matching the right student to the right property. You start by browsing through our extensive listings, then call to make a viewing appointment. While we have your attention we alert you to other listings that we feel meet your needs and tastes. Once you’ve found your ideal accommodation and reserved the property, you’ll simply need to complete your application, have the guarantor sign on, pay the first month’s rent and you’re in! Finding the ideal student accommodation in Headingley doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Call HOP on 0113 322 9324 to learn more.