Bills & rent in one simple payment.
Say hello to a smarter way to rent.

Choose a hassle-free student life with our all-inclusive student properties. All our student accommodation comes with bills and rent all included in one simple monthly payment.

Why go all-inclusive?

It’s hassle-free.

Choosing suppliers and setting up bills is not only boring but can take up a lot of your precious time. We’ll set up all the utilities ready for your move in date and we’ll close down your bills at the end of your Tenancy. Plus there are no set up or termination fees.

Budgeting is a doddle.

When you know in advance your monthly payments throughout the year, it makes it easier to budget. Rather than forking out for huge energy bills in winter, your monthly payment stays the same all year –  giving you more control over your personal expenditure.

Save time and stress.

We find the best deals so you don’t have to! Save hours and hours of your precious time by letting us do all the legwork to find the best deals and get everything set up on your behalf.

Keep the household sweet.

There’s nothing like fighting over who pays what to cause tension in a shared house. With an all-inclusive tenancy, there’s no arguing over splitting bills  – it’s all sorted for you. Easy!

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36 Kelso Gardens Image 0
36 Kelso Gardens Image 1
36 Kelso Gardens Image 2
36 Kelso Gardens Image 3
  • 15
  • Floorplan icon




per month

Kelso Gardens, Leeds

  4 bedrooms

9b North Grange Mount Image 0
9b North Grange Mount Image 1
9b North Grange Mount Image 2
9b North Grange Mount Image 3
  • 10




per month

ALL BILLS INCLUDED - North Grange Mount

  6 bedrooms

7 Wetherby Place Image 0
7 Wetherby Place Image 1
7 Wetherby Place Image 2
7 Wetherby Place Image 3
  • 13




per month

Wetherby Place, Leeds

  4 bedrooms

20 Burchett Terrace Image 0
20 Burchett Terrace Image 1
20 Burchett Terrace Image 2
20 Burchett Terrace Image 3
  • 12




per month

ALL BILLS INCLUDED - Burchett Terrace, Woodhouse

  4 bedrooms

68 Cardigan Road Image 0
68 Cardigan Road Image 1
68 Cardigan Road Image 2
68 Cardigan Road Image 3
  • 12




per month

All Bills Included, Cardigan Road, Headingley

  8 bedrooms

12 Stanmore Street Image 0
12 Stanmore Street Image 1
12 Stanmore Street Image 2
12 Stanmore Street Image 3
  • 21




per month

ALL BILLS INCLUDED - Stanmore Street

  5 bedrooms

2 Lumley Avenue Image 0
2 Lumley Avenue Image 1
2 Lumley Avenue Image 2
2 Lumley Avenue Image 3
  • 10
  • Floorplan icon




per month

Lumley Avenue, Leeds

  5 bedrooms

9 Winthorpe Street Image 0
9 Winthorpe Street Image 1
9 Winthorpe Street Image 2
9 Winthorpe Street Image 3
  • 12
  • Floorplan icon




per month

Winthorpe Street, Meanwood

  4 bedrooms

All-inclusive student living

All our all-inclusive student properties come with all the essentials already included with the rent:

    • 350Mb Superfast Fibre Broadband
    • Green Energy – 100% renewable electricity
    • Gas
    • Water

Go Premium

For that little bit extra, why not upgrade to our Premium Package for an additional £8 to £12 per person, per week:

    • 350Mb Superfast Fibre Broadband
    • Unlimited Gas and 100% Green Electric
    • Water
    • TV Licence
    • Contents Insurance
    • £1,000 laptop cover
    • Sky TV
    • Sky Sports HD
    • Sky Cinema HD
    • BT Sport HD
    • FREE 40″ Smart TV

What’s Included?

All packages are subject to change. If the product is not available, a similar product will be provided.

All our properties come with our essentials package already included, which covers:


Whether you opt for our essentials package (already included as standard) or upgrade to premium, you can enjoy 350Mb Superfast Fibre Broadband.

100% Green Energy

It’s important for us all to do our bit to help the environment, so all our properties come with 100% Green Electricity that comes from 100% renewable sources.


On our essentials package, your gas – and your electricity – are subject to fair usage policy, designed to prevent wastage and abuse. You’ll need to provide meter readings on a quarterly basis, to check you are operating within the fair use limits. If you opt for the premium package, then you can enjoy unlimited usage.


Your Water bills are included. Unlimited usage on unmetered properties, with a fair use policy on metered properties.

Take a look at our selection of student houses available here, and contact our friendly team today to find your perfect student home today!