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Student Letting Agents Leeds


This guide will give you an insight into Student Letting Agents in Leeds for example, we'll tell you what to expect from your letting agent, when's the best time to look for student property in Leeds, what price range you should expect, what you do with bills, what Guarantor forms are used for, and much more useful information if you're new to student letting agents in Leeds.

Searching For Student Accommodation In Leeds

Choosing A Student Letting Agent In Leeds

There are many student letting agents in Leeds. Your best bet is to Google your favourite agents in Leeds, or to search for your properties on Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation. All of our Leeds student properties can be found on these websites, or you can search for them all in one place on our Leeds Student Property Search.

When should I start searching for student accommodation in Leeds?

The best properties in the best locations often get snapped up in late December and early January by the eager and well organised students. However, if you’re not bothered about the area or house, and more worried about the cost, leave it as late as possible for the greatest bargains!

Types of Letting Agents in Leeds

As a student you’re best-off sticking to the many Leeds student letting agents, other than that there are private landlords in Leeds, and some professional agencies that also cater for Students. HOP was initially Let Leeds and was set up as a professional agent providing professional tenants with quality Leeds accommodation; however we also saw a huge gap in the market to offer students a professional service and providing quality student accommodation in Leeds. Many Estate Agents also offer services to let properties too, but most of the time it’s best to stick to the main student letting agents in Leeds such as HOP 0113 320 2000.

You can use us as a one-stop shop for your property requirements whether you’re looking for property in Woodhouse, Leeds City Centre, Headingley, Hyde Park, Burley, Burley Park and so on!  Why not search for properties online and book the viewings in from the comfort of your own home?

What are the best student areas to live are in Leeds?

You can read more about each area in our Leeds Area Guides.

Where you live as a student is a very important decision you will have to make. To help you we put together this guide of top things to consider when looking for Leeds student property. The most popular student areas are Headingley, Hyde Park, Burley and Woodhouse. Here’s a quick intro into each area:

Hyde Park Student Accommodation

If there is one place in Leeds in which an area has become synonymous with students, it’s good old LS6: Hyde Park. Get a feel for this legendary student area in our Hyde Park Survival Guide. The location is fantastic as it’s close to the Universities and has a good range of student accommodation, some cool shops bars and cafes, as well as being close to transport links such as buses along the Otley Road or trains from Burley park train station on Cardigan Road.

Read more in our Hyde Park Area Guide. HOP, Letting Agents Hyde Park 0113 322 9324

Headingley Student Accommodation

Headders is an uber-cool place with a massive range of trendy bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants. To give you a better idea of what we mean, check out our Headingley Survival Guide. Headingley has a good range of student accommodation as well as a range of smart 1 and 2 bed apartments for smaller groups. Headingley is good for transport links to Leeds City Centre with buses running all day along the Otley Road. Headingley is slightly more expensive in terms of rental compared to Burley, Burley Park and Kirkstall, however the room sizes and location make this worthwhile.

Read more in our Headingley Area Guide. HOP, Letting Agents Headingley 0113 322 9324

Burley / Burley Park Student Accommodation

By far the best value for money areas and still within easy walking distance of the Universities and Leeds City Centre, Burley is well suited to young professionals, those searching for Leeds rooms and house shares, and more mature students who want to live somewhere quieter. Burley really is great for transport links to Leeds City Centre and therefore great for groups of professionals. Burley Park is well situated between the tip of Headingley and Hyde Park so still has the ease of access and proximity to Headingley bars, but also with great priced student living accommodation! Burley Park has its own train station, making trekking to Leeds city centre a doddle! For a more detailed look at Burley, check out our Top 10 reasons to live in Burley!

We’ve also put together a special area guide, just about Burley, check out: Burley Park and Burley Area Guide. HOP, Letting Agents Burley and Burley Park  0113 322 9324

Woodhouse Student Accommodation

Woodhouse is perfect in terms of location and proximity to Leeds University. Woodhouse is a popular location for students looking for good value for money and those wanting to live close to Leeds City Centre and the Universities. A good range of properties for students looking for 4, 5 and 6 bed student properties in Woodhouse. There are a range of banks, shops, cafes and fast food outlets as well as local pubs and bars positioned around the University. Student property in Woodhouse goes fast so ensure you look early for the best property.

Read our Woodhouse Area Guide. HOP Letting Agents Woodhouse 0113 322 9324

Renting private student accommodation in Leeds versus using a Letting Agent

The benefits of using a Leeds Student Letting agent include:

    • Easy to contact if required
    • Students like us – just ask our current tenants!
    • Emergency maintenance line
    • Maintenance inspections
    • Faster replacement of furniture and appliances
    • Governed by The Property Ombudsman and ARLA
    • All Deposits held in DPS deposit scheme- its very safe!
    • Unipol Code Accredited

What is a Bond and what happens to your Student Bond?

Your bond, or Deposit, is protected by the DPS, a government backed deposit scheme. We don’t stuff it under our mattress like some people do!

Why do Letting Agents need a Guarantor?

We need a Guarantor as most students don’t work, so usually parents are your Guarantor which effectively guarantees the rent for the property will be paid.

HMO Regulations

The HMO regulations are very important for students searching for student property in Headingley, Hyde Park and Burley as they ensure your safety in large properties where there are a number of separate households living in the same property. Fire Safety precautions such as fire doors on escape routes, fire alarms and press release escape locks are important as there’s more chance of a fire starting in a house of multiple occupants.

Moving into your new Student Property

Move in day for students

This is usually after 12pm on the 1st of July.

How you pay your rent

You can pay your rent quarterly or monthly by Standing Order.

How you pay your bills

You can pay your bills monthly by Direct Debit, or quarterly, or you can set up a Bills Inclusive Tenancy option with us and pay all your bills in one single monthly payment with your rent.

Keeping the property clean and tidy

It is really important to keep your house really clean and tidy. We will perform quarterly maintenance checks at the property. If the house is not kept clean and tidy we may send a professional cleaner to the property and take this from your Deposit.

What to do in an emergency

  • If you have any kind of maintenance issue, or need to report a repair, just use our 24 hour online reporting system, Fixflo.
  • When there is an emergency, we ask you to log your request on Fixflo in the normal way but also ring to speak with a member of the HOP Leeds Team directly on 0113 322 9324.
  • If you are calling out of hours and the office is closed, we have pre-recorded emergency details for you to follow. Just call the office number on 0113 320 200
  • If there has been a break-in at the property, be sure to ring the police.
  • If you smell gas, ring Transco on 0800 111 999.
  • If you lose power or water, then please contact your utility provider in the first instance.

What to do if you have a maintenance problem.

If your property is managed by our Leeds Branch, maintenance issues will be reported through our 24 hour online automated system, Fixflo. To keep things as efficient as possible, we can only handle online requests. Click here to visit the maintenance section of our website.

What to do if you need to move out or leave university.

Speak to us first, we’ll do all we can to help you out. We are flexible and will help find someone to take your place in the property.

Who to tell you’ve moved

Moving is always a bit hectic. Amidst the chaos and confusion of tumbling boxes, missing car keys, and dubious directions, you could easily forget to inform them who need to know where you’ve gone. Read our guide on the top ten people to tell that you’ve moved, not including your Mum!

Other Student Property Guides

Ensure you register for the latest Leeds Student Accommodation.

HOP is your local online Student Letting Agents in Leeds

We have a range of student vacancies available, please read more about our Student Jobs in Leeds with HOP

If you ever need to contact us, we’d love to chat, just call 0113 320 200 or get in touch using our contact page.

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