Looking for your next investment?
Here’s why you should choose Leeds.

If you are thinking about investing, the Leeds is a smart choice. This wonderful city brings together several compelling factors – growing young population, thriving economy, great value investment and high yields – that make it a savvy choice for investors on the hunt for decent returns.

Add to this HOP’s market insight and ‘hands-on’ approach and we make it effortless for investors to take advantage of the opportunities Leeds has to offer. For a Leeds local, armchair investor down south or even overseas, wherever in the world you are based, HOP can source and manage an investment on your behalf, giving you a complete hassle-free way to invest in Leeds.

Value for money

We all want excellent value for money and profitable returns – that’s what investing is all about after all. Leeds offers Northern house prices with London potential. Average property prices in Leeds sit at c.£210,000, for comparison, that is 15% cheaper than the UK average and 73% lower than London.

Not only does Leeds provide affordable housing perfect for increasing rental yield, it is also one of England’s most successful cities. As the leader of the Northern Powerhouse, Leeds has the fastest rate of private-sector jobs growth of any UK city and has the fourth-largest urban economy in the UK.

So, if you are looking to get the most from your investment, Leeds is the place to be!

HOP Investment - High Yields

High yields

Let’s face it, the numbers need to add up. Leeds has an excellent average rental yield of 6.04% according to Zoopla, this is third best in the UK. This also means you can get even higher yields in certain pockets of the city, with Leeds rental prices increasing by 8% in the last 12 months. These high yields along with other factors such as high rental demand, make Leeds a leading contender for investment.

It is worth noting that not only does Leeds give you an immediate ROI, there is also a huge long-term gain to investing in this thriving city. In the latest Savills report, the Yorkshire and Humber region are predicted to see house prices soar by 28.2% by 2025. This is the second highest predicted growth rate in the UK.

It’s no surprise investors are lining up to buy in Leeds.

A thriving population

Leeds has a growing population of 789,000, this is more than many other huge cities including Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.

Despite having the largest population, Leeds has a compact location, making it easy to get around by foot and a popular choice for many business people. The city also boasts a vibrant shopping and nightlife scene.

Leeds hosts the largest number of universities outside of London. Filtering 39,000 skilled graduates into the city each year, Leeds has one of the highest proportions of young professionals in the country.

Invest in Leeds - an up and coming city

Leading the way

Leeds has the largest legal and financial services sector and the largest city region economy outside of London.

With a skilled workforce of 1.4 million people, Leeds is fast becoming a leading business hub in the UK, hosting big companies including newcomers Channel 4, BT, Sky, First Direct and Asda.

With continued investment being pumped into the city, with the likes of South Bank and HS2 fast approaching, this thriving City doesn’t look to be putting the brakes on anytime soon.

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As HMO experts we have over a decade of student and professional lettings experience under our belts. Working with landlords and investors across the globe, our friendly and hands-on approach has won us multiple awards for our customer service.

With three branches across the city, HOP provides a complete property service that includes Investments, Sales, Lettings and Block Management.

We launched HOP Investments to offer a simpler way to invest in Leeds. Wherever in the world you are based, we offer investors a chance to access to the buy-to-let market in Leeds and the wealth of opportunity it brings. To get started, drop us a message and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can help.